“Hauntingly Gorgeous” -The Boston Globe

Emma Gies and Micah Huang have been creating music together since meeting in Los Angeles in 2010. Their unique brand of Americana draws on a startlingly diverse pool of influences, weaving them together until ethnic and cultural delineations give way to a joyful, unified music as vibrant and colorful as America Itself. Themes include: How can we thrive during major environmental change? How can we mutually support each other while living in a hyper-capitalist consumer culture? What does our dream of the future look like? How can we open ourselves to love?

The Flower Pistils have toured throughout the United States, playing in venues ranging from The New England Conservatory’s Jordan Hall to Concert Halls, House-Concerts, and Organic Farms throughout the American West. They lived in Budapest in 2010-2011 where they studied Gypsy/ Roma music on a Fulbright grant. Their many collaborations have included interdisciplinary work with Kingsley-Tufts Laureate Angie Estes, the Astoria, Oregon FisherPoets’ Gathering, as well as Chinese Guzheng and Taiwanese Piano Virtuosi Muqi Li and Chi-Wei Lo.

The two are co-directors of Under Our Skins, a concert series challenging prejudice at Universities across America through oral histories and musical improvisation. They are co-producers of the 1871 Chinatown Massacre Commemorative Performances (2019, 2020, 2021) in collaboration with The Chinese American Museum in Los Angeles. Emma and Micah hold masters degrees from The New England Conservatory and Tufts University in Contemporary Improvisation and Composition respectively.